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Lease Rental CCTV Camera Systems

Finance Application

A key part of our value proposition is finance solution. Our flexible rental agreements are specifically designed to help you benefit from the technology that  GAUTENG CCTV & ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS  offers, without the associated risk of ownership. This is backed up a unique equipment warranty for the term of the rental agreement. Your capital is untouched and available for use in profit generating areas, improving your cash flow.

Naturally, maintenance needs vary from one organization to the next and therefore are very proud of our maintenance offering to our customer base. We offer a variety of Maintenance contracts and Service level agreements that can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

At GAUTENG CCTV & ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS we provide so much more than just a range of products. We strive to provide peace of mind – through offering the most advanced technology backed up by flexible maintenance and finance programmes. The flexibility of our financial options allow you as the customer the ease of operation, evolving, growing and keeping up with technology in a unique, affordable and innovative way.

We, at GAUTENG CCTV & ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS (Pty) Ltd, are pleased to be able to offer a solution to your needs with minimal capital outlay.

Our rental agreement, unlike competitive rental options includes:

•    Full hardware and software maintenance support.

•    Call-out costs and Labour costs.

•    Spares.

•    On-site and off-site repair costs.

•    Travelling costs.

•    Exchange unit program.


Relocation and expansion of the system, damage caused by floods or lightning, malicious damage, damage caused through negligence etc. is not covered under the maintenance plan. This must be insured for through you own insurance company in accordance with our stipulated insurance value. At any stage during the contract period additional or upgraded equipment may be added to the system on a Supplementary Rental Agreement.

Benefits of Financial / Rental Solution

Cost Saving: By using a rental, you will be retaining your working capital and therefore does not “use up” available credit lines leaving these free to finance revenue-producing assets.

Additional Facility:

By using a rental you will be ensuring that you do not utilise existing finance facilities that may be limited.

VAT Saving:

The VAT on a rental is raised on the monthly payment is not capitalised “up front” as in Instalment Sales and/or Leases.  This results in a saving of settlements/upgrades.

TAX Advantages:

Rentals are fully TAX deductible in the period in which they are incurred.  This may enable you to “accelerate” depreciation on normally “long-term” assets.

Off Balance Sheet:

The rental is accepted as an off balance sheet item for accounting purposes.  This has a positive effect on balance sheet ratios and end of rental procedures.  There is a saving of costly administration as fixed asset registers and depreciation schedules are not affected.

Cost in Use:

You pay only for monthly usage of the equipment.  This assists with budgeting and cost management.  A rental can be structured to suit your needs and therefore start-up costs can be kept to a minimum.

Ease of Upgrading:

The rental product caters for the addition of equipment or the replacement thereof on the same agreement.